Music Requests Made
Easy With RequestBox App

Now available on iPhone and Android

For Music Lovers


Open a RequestBox for your guests to put in their song requests. Let them be the DJ.


No more fighting over the aux cable. Simply request & vote on what plays next.


Follow your friends and fellow hosts to keep up with their activities.


Like a song? Share it with your followers and await their reactions.

RequestBox Is The Modern Day Jukebox For Everyone

  • Available on both the AppStore and Google Play Store.
  • Spotify playlist integration. (Optional)
  • Spotify song suggestions to help you find that sweet song title.
  • One step Facebook log in. (Optional)
  • In-built YouTube search for sharing music on your profile.

Our Features

24hr boxes

Open a RequestBox for up to 24 hours. Unlimited amount of song requests during this time.


Discover nearby public open boxes within your given radius. (Coming soon to iOS)


Vote on each other's song requests, anonymously. Allowing everyone to have a say.

Smart Hot Filter

A special hot filter that ensures that the hottest song requests are constantly changing throughout the day.

Share Songs

No open boxes? No problem. Share your favourite songs directly in your home feed, powered by YouTube.

React To Songs

React to your friends songs with a bunch of unique reactions. Watch out for seasonal & limited one-off reactions.


For your profile or for your RequestBox's, you control who can access your content.

Spotify Playlists

Create a Spotify playlist for your open box. Pick & choose the song requests you want in the playlist. All from within RequestBox!

Now Available

Full cross-platform support for iOS and Android devices.

Change Log

Initial Release For iOS

iOS version released to the AppStore. Containing all the core features found in the Android app.

Mar 24, 2018
Dec 08, 2017

iOS Closed Beta Testing

External testers are invited to test the iOS version for the first time. Early build containing core features of version 2.0.

Android Version 2.0 Release

Updated UI. Introducing Song Sharing and Song Reactions to RequestBox. Update includes a bunch of house cleaning thoughout the app.

Nov 28, 2017
Oct 30, 2017

Minor Bug Fixing

Bug fixes and improvements containing preperations for future version 2.0 release.


Can I open more than one RequestBox at a time?

Currently you are limited to one open box at a time per account.

Whats the difference between song requests and song sharing?

Song requests are made inside an open RequestBox and are only displayed inside that box. Song sharing is done outside of any box, displayed on your profile page and home feed for all your followers to enjoy.

Are song requests automatically added to my Spotify playlist?

No. The host/person who opened the box, chooses which song requests to add to the playlist. All done directly within RequestBox.

My new account is already following someone. Who is this?


I'm having issues with Spotify features?

Spotify features are limited to territories and regions where Spotify is available. You can CHECK HERE if it is available in your region. Contact us if your region is included and you still face issues.

How can I reopen my box after it closes?

Once a box has been closed, either by the user or by exceeding the 24 hour time limit, you can no longer reopen it. You can however open as many new boxes as you would like.

The Team

Bilal Soomro

Android Developer

Gideon de Brouwer

iOS Developer

Ian Bartonjo

Graphic Design

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